Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Masonic Building

Downtown Prescott

I like the lovely details in the old buildings. 


EG CameraGirl said...

I like old buildings too. I've always thought Masonic Lodges were so mysterious and this photo conveys (to me) that feeling well.

Thérèse said...

Nice detail with the compass symbol. Is there much to see inside?

Sharon Anck said...

Me too! Sometimes you have to look closely to find them. So many buildings have been covered with new frontage.

William Kendall said...

The details are quite beautiful.

Kathy said...

Many of the old Masonic halls were fabulous buildings. My dad's Masonic chapter is still active but I wonder how much longer these groups will continue.

Kate said...

I love the composition and the balance in the top photo.

carolann said...

My dad was a member of the Lodge. It made him to be the most secretive man . He was like a man who went to war and came back a odd man mentally. Hurt and wounded. His choice of course. He went through all the chairs. Wore all those aprons of colors and sashes. he became Master.

They have to be very secretive.
They cannot tell anyone especially their spouses what they do secretive. And they have a black book. That black book is the cause of the change that becomes so secretive and real to him and fellow members. They cannot share what is inside that book. it is like pig Latin. They learn the dits and the dots. I have looked in that book. As a kid. It is worse then Latin. ha-ha.
My dad caught me looking. He yelled at me. he said. never, never look into that black book. Well as a kid. I thought a black book meant he had secretive girlfriends. Ha ha.

I think I have said enough ion your blog.

Your pictures are taken well of the Lodge.
Yes they are detailed art designed structured alright.

Inside is similar. The golds are their symbolic favors.

The tools are reason of emblems.

If I have said too much.
Be free to delete it.

Have a nice Saturday.