Saturday, April 26, 2014

Driving To Alaska...Cassiar Highway

Last weekend I posted pictures from our visit to Dawson City and after we left there we headed south and back to Whitehorse. After a nice two days there we set off for Watson Lake and the Cassiar Highway shown in red on the map above. 

Cassiar Highway has some paved sections and long stretches of dirt and gravel which is not bad unless it is raining, which it was. Four wheel drive came in handy several times on our journey south.  We didn't see many other vehicles on this road but  beautiful scenery was abundant.
We saw several bears along the road. This young black bear was with it's mother but stopped to take  one last look at us. We also saw a couple of grizzly bears.

This red fox was not happy because he had to move out of the middle of the road where he was napping.

This is how you can expect your vehicle to look after a few miles on the Cassiar Highwy.

We were on our way to visit Stewart, British Columbia and Hyder, Alaska on our way back south to the lower 48.


Kate said...

I'd be more inclined to watch the fox rather than the bears. Wonderful drive, I bet!

Sharon Anck said...

I'm amazed at the amount of wildlife you saw.

William Kendall said...

I doubt I've paid attention to this highway on maps. The wildlife certainly makes it a worthwhile drive.

Randy said...

Love the wildlife shots.

José Mendonça said...

I would surely love to see the area's wildlife with my own eyes. Great captures.